Technical Issues with the Federal Health Exchange, Who’s to Blame?

The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) has now acknowledged that for many of the 20 million Americans that tried to access, the experience has been “frustrating.” Almost three weeks after the site launched, people are still struggling to search for health insurance, or even login. The press has been quick to highlight […]

Private Public Partnerships Solve Large Scale Problems

When it comes to applying advances in technology to create innovation, a lot of the low hanging fruit has already been plucked and there’s even more folks crowding round the base of the tree. So going forward, it becomes necessary to invest time, energy, and money into solving the more challenging and larger-scale problems. While […]

Why Low Risk Innovation is Costly

Most organizations have missed a huge opportunity to impact innovation and results. By emphasizing enterprise systems and costs, they have given too little focus on those program systems and process innovations needed to drive meaningful outcomes. When it comes to information technology initiatives, they have been heavy on moving static “data” to the web and […]

Solutions to Better Manage the Innovation Process

Organizations are looking toward solutions to better manage the innovation process. A recent MIT Sloan/Deloitte Survey found that a top issue facing organizations today is a lack of adaptability. The Corporate Executive Board underscores this with its finding that 75% of executives are concerned with not having transformational ideas to drive growth (see report link […]

Innovation is Vital to Achieve Success

Innovation is vital to achieve success in today’s evolving marketplace, but it’s easier said than done. In reality, most organizations struggle to achieve true innovation, despite acknowledging its importance. Whether due to a lack of leadership, understanding or purpose, the majority of innovation initiatives fail and organizations remain stagnant. At ironSAGE, we believe innovation is […]

HealthInfo Platorm

Earlier this year ironSAGE initiated a working group to outline an approach for improving health within underserved populations and eliminating health disparities using mobile communications technology. The result was HealthInfo, a health information communication, outreach and engagement platform.  The aim of HealthInfo is to effectively engage underserved populations with locally accessible health service providers and […]