Are you ready for the Internet of Things explosion?

You thought the Internet of Things was already growing fast, but it’s about to explode; the 1.2 billion connections across the globe in 2014 that fall into Internet of Things territory will become 5.4 billion connections in 2020. ironSAGE is actively seeking innovative companies with new technologies that support and enable machine-to-machine connectivity and management. […]

Digital Health Entrepreneurs Share Innovation Challenges

Disruption and convergence are widely touted terms among digital health advocates who view some of the technologies coming to market as a way to improve healthcare delivery, boost adherence and make communication easier. But the flipside is that entrepreneurs positioning themselves as disruptors or who have developed technology that straddle a couple of industries can […]

Mobile Health – Connecting Patients, Providers and Payers

As healthcare providers take on more responsibility and risk for patient populations, engaging patients when they are not under a physician’s care is becoming increasingly important. And since more Americans than ever own and spend time on mobile devices, many providers are investing in healthcare delivery innovations that leverage mobile technology. Source: infographic   Learn […]