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ironSAGE is a business services and technology solutions consulting firm that is committed helping both innovative solution providers and enterprise customers succeed. Founded in 2011 and reincorporated in 2013, ironSAGE is a veteran-owned small business headquartered in Washington, DC. We count as clients many leading corporate, government, and non-profit organizations. Our solution development collaborations involve work within a wide range of industries, including: education, energy, environment, financial services, healthcare, manufacturing, pharma, transportation, and many more.

Enterprise Organizations:

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Connect. Collaborate. Create.

ironSAGE is about innovation co-creation and technology-enabled solutions. We facilitate solution development collaborations through a range of offerings that include: multidisciplinary Innovation Working Groups, one-on-one vendor/customer Solution Labs, and invitation-only Technology Demonstration Suites. Together with our clients, we help deliver solutions that improve client performance, overcome specific market barriers, and address unique industry challenges. Along the way we provide important services that directly support key technical capabilities, management functions, and operational requirements.

What We Do

Facilitating Technology-Enabled Innovation

Broadly speaking, ironSAGE helps organizations to capitalize on two types of technological innovation – incremental and disruptive. Incremental technology innovation enables to refinements in processes and products. Disruptive technology innovation produces radical or sudden changes that challenge and transform larger social, economic, business and/or government systems. We already see the information/data management technologies touching every part of our lives – and disrupting entire industries as they change our social behaviors, methods of interaction, and redefine what it means to “connect.”

Guiding Technology’s Pervasive Impact

Technology innovation will impact virtually every market sector. The impact will be significant, particularly in terms of how it changes assumptions of underlying business models, leverages data across systems and platforms, enables seamless internal and external collaboration, and changes customer expectations of engagement. Organizations across every industry must consider ways to leverage technology to IT investments, transform business operations, monetize differentiated services, and engage growing customer channels and stakeholder communities. Emerging and innovative technology companies must understand how their products services impact the value delivery frameworks and core business processes of major customers enterprises. ironSAGE helps emerging technology companies and enterprise customers across every industry connect, collaborate and innovate in ways that deliver direct business, market and economic benefit.

How We Work

A Catalyst for Innovation

ironSAGE is a catalyst for connecting innovative solution providers with enterprise customers. However, the role that we play goes far beyond that of simply matchmaker. We organize issue-specific and confidential collaborations that enable providers and customers to discuss high-priority issues and address key challenges. We then manage and facilitate the development of viable solutions that are scalable and ready for prime-time. Our approach to innovation is based on the belief that solutions are best achieved when purpose-driven organizations have the right alignment between people, technology, investment and strategy.

Our Solutions and Services

Solution Offerings: Innovation Working Groups, Solution Labs, Technology Demonstration Suite events (D-Suite), Collaborative Innovation Group Regional Chapters (CIGs), and ongoing business development services.

Implementation Services: Rapid Prototyping, Solution Development and Deployment, Solution Demonstration, Beta / Pilot Implementation, and Technical Assistance

Professional Services: Requirements Analysis, Best Practice Guidance, Feasibility Assessment, Proof-of-Concept Use Case, Implementation Roadmap, Development Blueprint, Cost-benefit Analysis, Budget Justification, Project Management, Collaboration Facilitation, Knowledge Transfer and Training, Performance Recommendations, and Impact Assessments.

Data Services: Acquisition and Change Data Capture, Verification and Validation, Profiles and Quality Management, Translation and Mapping, Metadata Management, ETL/ELT, Marts and Streams, Migration any Synchronization, Integration, Federation and Big Data, Aggregation and Optimization, Reporting, Analytics, Visualization, and Predictive Modeling.

Why We Come to Work

Make an Impact.

Lasting impact – that’s the driving ambition behind everything we do. We are passionate about creating lasting impact that results in the achievement of long-term outcomes. Our work creates an opportunity to improve performance and enhance ongoing organizational capabilities, and we manage every engagement with this in mind.

We are inspired by those who strive to solve the world’s big problems – whether in government, nonprofit, civil society, or the private sector. Our desire is to collaborate with purpose-driven individuals and their organizations whenever possible. It is not just about providing organizational support – it’s about capacity-building. We view the creation of high-performing organizations through the optimization of people, technology, investment, and strategy as a universal challenge.

Why Work With Us

Innovation Collaboration. Enterprise Productivity. Economic Growth.

The world faces major challenges, and these challenges are creating global market opportunities for innovative and meaningful solutions. ironSAGE is committed to connecting the dots between innovation, productivity and economic growth. We believe that:

  • Across business and government, higher innovation collaboration is associated with higher levels of new product innovation.
  • More technology-enabled solution innovation is in turn associated with higher overall enterprise productivity.
  • Productivity growth is the central driver of overall economic growth.

ironSAGE facilitated innovation collaboration efforts correlate with higher productivity and economic growth, and is core to enterprise efforts to create a competitive position in rapidly changing global markets.

Who We Are

Ron Garnett, Executive Director

Ron directs business consulting, technology innovation, data integration, and related technical assistance efforts across a wide range of market segments. He has extensive experience in developing technology and business solutions for government, non-profit, and private sector organizations. Recent activities include: providing systems analyst support for HHS public benefit programs; representing a consortium of innovative technology firms in the federal market; the active development of an online collaboration platform focused on identifying, developing, and validating service delivery best practices for international NGOs; developing data migration strategy and technology modernization plans; and delivering best practice briefings on various technology and business management related topics. Other experience includes work with U.S. government agencies where he provided support for the federal performance accountability requirements, including: Government Performance and Results Act (GPRA), Program Assessment Rating Tool (PART), and Federal Enterprise Architecture (FEA).

Our Team

ironSAGE was founded in 2011 by Ron Garnett and reincorporated in 2013. The firm includes over 50 partner experts with deep roots in business strategy, development, innovation, technology, investment and management. We have earned our operational stripes transforming individual organizations and industries by staying focused on relevant financial, organizational, market and social outcomes.

Industry Experience, Geographic Expertise. ironSAGE teams with and retains the expertise of the absolute best talent that the market has to offer. Our worldwide consultants and partner network consists of a wide-range of experts that are deeply experienced within both their market segments and geographic regions. Our team offers agile and creative solutions to any and all business challenges.

Join Us

Our people are at the center of everything we do. ironSAGE strives to create a collaborative and collegial work environment that leverages and rewards the talents of our individual consultants. We’re always prepared to partner with leading organizations and engage with top talent. Contact us and learn more about our commitment to growing exciting and challenging careers.

Ron Garnett

Ron Garnett, Executive Director, ironSAGE


Results Driven

ironSAGE delivers functional and technical capabilities across a global platform to continuously deliver on client-specific program and business objectives. We are relentlessly focused on driving innovation, increasing performance, improving quality, reducing risk, maximizing results, and accelerating value in every aspect of our services.

Service Areas

ironSAGE services include:

  • Working Groups
  • Solution Labs
  • D-Suite Events
  • CIG Regional Chapters
  • and more…

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