Disruptive Innovations, Nextgen Technologies and Transformational Solutions

Have a demonstrable product or service offering that you want to present to major customers? Calls-for-Innovation (CFIs) are sponsored by major enterprises and provide emerging companies with an opportunity to get in front of key decision makers interested in discovering new technology-enabled solutions, potential industry disruptive innovations, nextgen technologies, and transformational business processes. While the primary aim of CFIs is to assist large organizations in their efforts to drive continuous innovation, solution providers also benefit by gaining valuable insight into how leading customers view industry developments, business strategies, and new technology adoption.

Benefits to Solution Providers:

  • A solution overview that outlines the key needs within major corporate, government and non-profit organizations
  • Direct insight and feedback from enterprise technical personnel and procurement advisers
  • Facilitated sales discussions and shorter enterprise sales cycles
Benefits to Enterprise Customers:

  • Sponsored calls-for-innovation based on defined requirements and specific use cases
  • Evaluation of state-of-the-art solutions and emerging technology
  • Improved vendor selection justification and diversification
  • Potential acquisition of emerging and start-up technologies

Qualified Stakeholders: Senior management from both innovation-seeking organizations and technology-enabled solution providers.

Active Calls-for-Innovation


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