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Are you ready for the Internet of Things explosion?

You thought the Internet of Things was already growing fast, but it’s about to explode; the 1.2 billion connections across the globe in 2014 that fall into Internet of Things territory will become 5.4 billion connections in 2020. ironSAGE is actively seeking innovative companies with new technologies that support and enable machine-to-machine connectivity and management. […]

Digital Health Entrepreneurs Share Innovation Challenges

Disruption and convergence are widely touted terms among digital health advocates who view some of the technologies coming to market as a way to improve healthcare delivery, boost adherence and make communication easier. But the flipside is that entrepreneurs positioning themselves as disruptors or who have developed technology that straddle a couple of industries can […]

Mobile Health – Connecting Patients, Providers and Payers

As healthcare providers take on more responsibility and risk for patient populations, engaging patients when they are not under a physician’s care is becoming increasingly important. And since more Americans than ever own and spend time on mobile devices, many providers are investing in healthcare delivery innovations that leverage mobile technology. Source: infographic   Learn […]

Logistics Firms Set to Invest in Last Mile Technology

The growth in ecommerce has brought big business to the logistics industry and will continue to do so between now and 2018, with 92% of logistics companies seeing it as their biggest area for growth over the next four years, according to new independent research commissioned by Barclays’ Transport & Logistics and Retail sector teams. […]

The Need for Healthcare Automation

The Challenge According to CMS, the annual U.S. spend on healthcare is nearly three trillion dollars (more than 17 percent of GDP), and yet the World Health Organization ranks our healthcare system below almost every other industrialized nation in the world. Despite all the money being spent, there is still pervasive inefficiency and frustration, with […]

To Stay Competitive, Retailers Need to Close the Omnichannel Gap

Majority of retailers fall below consumer shopping expectations, face barriers to embracing retail innovation. Findings from a recent retail industry benchmarking report gauging retailer readiness in implementing new retail technologies, suggests that the majority of retailers are struggling to implement technologies now regularly expected by consumers – which further prevents them from exploring future retail […]

How Utilities Can Embrace Solar Energy

There has never been a greater threat to the utility industry than solar energy. It allows for the transfer of power-generating assets from the utility to consumers, stretches the grid by making homes both demand sources and power suppliers, and may even allow consumers to cut ties to the grid altogether. One key component challenging […]

3Q2014 Investment in the Renewable Energy Sector

Investment continues to flow into the renewable energy sector, with a strong and trending upward despite questions of uncertain subsidies and rapidly changing costs. Here are the quick stats: Corporate investment in wind energy for the third quarter of this year totaled $2.4 billion, according to consulting firm Mercom Capital Group. In the solar power […]

$250,000 in Product Development Funding

Startups in the battery and energy storage industry have been awarded $250,000 in funding for product development from the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority. Eonix is a startup developing technology to expand the capacity of ultracapacitors. Combined Energies is developing distributed generation systems to extend the life of electrochemical batteries. Another innovative […]

Health IT Leaders Anticipate 2015 IT Spending to Increase

By 2016, participating healthcare providers anticipate:   Big Data enabled savings of 21 percent of their annual IT budget, or $7.2 billion Cloud enabled savings of 20 percent of their annual IT budget, or $6.9 billion Mobile enabled savings of 16 percent of their annual IT budget, or $5.5 billion Social media enabled savings of […]