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Mobile Health – Connecting Patients, Providers and Payers

As healthcare providers take on more responsibility and risk for patient populations, engaging patients when they are not under a physician’s care is becoming increasingly important. And since more Americans than ever own and spend time on mobile devices, many providers are investing in healthcare delivery innovations that leverage mobile technology. Source: infographic   Learn […]

3Q2014 Investment in the Renewable Energy Sector

Investment continues to flow into the renewable energy sector, with a strong and trending upward despite questions of uncertain subsidies and rapidly changing costs. Here are the quick stats: Corporate investment in wind energy for the third quarter of this year totaled $2.4 billion, according to consulting firm Mercom Capital Group. In the solar power […]

$250,000 in Product Development Funding

Startups in the battery and energy storage industry have been awarded $250,000 in funding for product development from the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority. Eonix is a startup developing technology to expand the capacity of ultracapacitors. Combined Energies is developing distributed generation systems to extend the life of electrochemical batteries. Another innovative […]

Health IT Leaders Anticipate 2015 IT Spending to Increase

By 2016, participating healthcare providers anticipate:   Big Data enabled savings of 21 percent of their annual IT budget, or $7.2 billion Cloud enabled savings of 20 percent of their annual IT budget, or $6.9 billion Mobile enabled savings of 16 percent of their annual IT budget, or $5.5 billion Social media enabled savings of […]

Mobile Has Become an Important Tool for Healthcare Providers

Among recently surveyed healthcare providers, fifty-seven percent of health IT leaders say mobile has become an important tool in viewing real-time patient information. Additional mobile use cases include clinical notifications (46 percent), ePrescribing (41 percent), and patient communication and reminders (38 percent). Learn more about ironSAGE Health Follow us on Twitter: @ironSageGroup About ironSAGE Health […]

Healthcare providers are using Big Data and analytics in conjunction with their EHR

Among recently surveyed healthcare providers, approximately 50 percent indicated that Big Data is helping them to reduce readmissions and track and evaluate patient outcomes more effectively. Providers are also using Big Data to conduct cost-benefit analysis to reduce project risk (46 percent), manage clinical and IT staffing levels (38 percent), and prescribe preventative care (24 […]

Introducing NexJ Data Governance

NexJ Systems, a provider of cloud-based software delivering enterprise solutions to the financial services, insurance, and healthcare industries, today announced that it has enriched the data auditing, monitoring, and provisioning capabilities of its software suite through the use of NexJ Data Governance. NexJ Data Governance will help financial services and insurance firms better manage and […]

FTC, ONC to Address Competitive Challenges in HIT Markets

The Federal Trade Commission and Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology are collaborating to promote greater competition in health IT markets. According to an Oct. 7 blog co-authored by Jodi Daniel, director of ONC’s Office of Policy, health IT markets are “not functioning as efficiently as they could be.” This is problematic, […]

Generic, Specialty Drugs Popular in Exchange Plans

Consumers in health plans sold through exchanges launched under health reform fill prescriptions with generic drugs at a rate higher than those with traditional insurance, Express Scripts reported. Meanwhile, those who purchased insurance through the exchange fill more specialty drug prescriptions, which accounted for 1.3% of all the drug bills and 23% of the spending. […]

Specialty Drugs and U.S. Health Spending

The $87 billion specialty drug market is growing at twice the rate of the overall prescription market, raising concerns about the drugs’ “financial toxicity” for patients, researchers write in the latest Health Affairs. “The increase in total drug costs to the new agents is likely to have a substantial impact on overall healthcare costs and […]