ironSAGE business case and cost-benefit analysis consultants help organizations analyze strategies, assess project impacts, and validate the ROI of proposed solutions. We help develop business case evaluations that:

  • Clearly and objectively assess a range of opportunities.
  • Provide a rational basis for investing time, budget and resources.
  • Reduce business risk and implementation cost.
  • Optimize technology adoption strategy.
  • Optimize benefit realization and performance outcomes.
  • Support ongoing business case evaluations.


Working with ironSAGE provides you with the flexibility to leverage our business analysis resources whilst retaining key business knowledge and IP for your future needs.

Overcoming Challenges & Risks

Is the solution worth it? How will it impact the organization, and what are the risks?

Business case analysis and economic budget justification represents the epitome of business judgment and logic. It requires sound, comprehensive assumptions, valid translation of expected results into numbers, and a correct view of risk factors that could delay, inhibit, or prevent the desired results.


  • Defining current and future state business process requirements.
  • Validating cost and benefit realization assumptions.
  • Improving the speed and quality of business decisions.
  • Increasing number of vendors competing within any given market makes it extremely difficult to sift through the competing claims, buzzwords and techno-terminology.
  • Gaining leadership support and budget priority.
  • Insufficient resources to gather the necessary inputs, and construct a valid analysis.
  • Identifying opportunities for innovation, process improvement, increased efficiency and savings.


  • Invalid information and analysis methods used to evaluate options.
  • Poor recognition of opportunity cost or project risk.
  • Decision analysis bias.
  • Failure to create sufficient internal stakeholder buy-in or leadership support.
  • Shallow assumptions or a poor understanding of market realities and risks.
  • Difficult comparisons among various solution alternatives and implementation options.
  • Missed opportunities to improve organizational impact and performance outcomes.
  • No clear solution development framework or business improvement roadmap.


We understand how to define a case for budget approval and measure the benefits realization – from detailed feasibility assessments to cost-benefit analysis, definition of key performance indicators and measuring success of the implementation.

Rapid Economic and Business Case Justification Service Offerings

ironSAGE rapid economic and business case justification consulting services support everything from vision definition through architecture, to design and change management, to post implementation monitoring and quality assurance reviews. Our comprehensive analysis, planning and implementation capabilities include:

Vision Definition
Business Review
Business Strategy
Enterprise Architecture Development
IT Review
IT Strategy Development
Business Case Development
Business Rule Analysis
Cost/Benefit Analysis
Feasibility Study
Functional & Non-Functional Specifications
Gap Analysis
Impact Analysis
Options Analysis
Organizational Design
Governance Review
Process Design
Requirements Elicitation
Requirements Management
Solution Architecture
Systems Selection
Technical Specifications
Use Case Modeling
User Experience
Capability Development
IT Service Management Process Improvement
Lean and Six Sigma
Process Improvement
Organizational Change Management
Program & Project Management
Technical Leadership
Benefits Realization Analysis
Independent Quality Assurance (IQA)
Post Implementation Review


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