Serving Solution Providers and Enterprise Customers

ironSAGE connects innovative solution providers with enterprise customers – and enterprise customers with innovative solution providers. We facilitate a number of technology-focused service offerings that include: customer hosted Technology Demonstration Suites, one-on-one vendor/customer Solution Labs, and invitation-only multidisciplinary Innovation Working Groups. However, the role that we play goes far beyond that of matchmaker. We provide an extensive range of business development services that enable both providers and customers to recognize the inherent benefits, business case and economic justification for adopting new and innovative solutions.

Our Relationship Value

Creating Connections. Structuring Solutions. Managing Opportunities.

The following ironSAGE business services represent a full life-cycle approach for facilitating transactions that enable our clients to define, develop and deploy innovative solutions focused on high-priority issues and key challenges.


Calls-for-Innovation (CFI) are a sourcing mechanism designed to identify new technologies and emerging solution providers. CFIs attract entrepreneurial start-ups, encourage innovation around defined challenges and opportunities, and enhance participation among established research institutions and innovation labs. ironSAGE promotes CFI announcements throughout its business networks to identify qualified submissions based on sponsor requirements.

Solution/Challenge Overview Presentation Deck

ironSAGE works with enterprise organizations (government and corporate) Challenge Overviews that summarize key requirements and general use case information for guiding solution provider demonstrations and proposal submissions. ironSAGE also works alongside solution providers to develop Solution Overviews that highlight the proposed solution response, demonstrate compliance with key requirements, validate solution feasibility, and justify cost-benefit.

Quick Scan Opportunity Alerts

An early stage business intelligence service that provides subscribers with opportunity notifications. Quick Scan Opportunity Alerts are provided as concise summaries of potential business opportunities. For enterprise customers, the alerts highlight high-impact opportunities for effectively leveraging emerging technology, applying innovative solutions, and creating organization value. The alerts include an outline of qualified solution providers, defined solution overview, key potential impacts, and implementation critical success factors. For solution providers, the alerts include an outline of the primary opportunity, defined solution challenge, key results sought, and known critical success factors.

Due Diligence Briefing

ironSAGE conducts comprehensive due diligence assessments and delivers a client briefing of its findings. Due Diligence Briefings can be conducted for both enterprise customers (solution buyers) and vendors (solution providers). The briefings may incorporate a full range of ironSAGE evaluation and assessment capabilities, including solution/opportunity: potential partner background reviews, requirements analysis, feasibility assessment, proof-of-concept/use case requirements development, development blueprint, implementation roadmap, cost-benefit analysis, budget justification, detailed impact assessments, and performance improvement recommendations and standards guidance.

Targeted Search

ironSAGE delivers a Targeted Search service to identify valued partners (end-customers or innovative solution providers), influential subject matter experts, and other complimentary market collaborators. Targeted Search can be conducted across a wide-range of geographies, industries, and technical disciplines. It enables organizations to reach far beyond their existing capabilities and networks to find new customer opportunities and innovative approaches to technology challenges. ironSAGE Targeted Search leverages a proven methodology of find, filter and focus – identifying solutions that best match the defined requirements.

Opportunity Roadmap

ironSAGE works with clients to develop forward-looking Opportunity Roadmaps. Enterprise organizations use the roadmaps to assess target markets (characteristics, size and economic value), and effectively identify “innovation opportunities”. Solution providers use the roadmaps to effectively pursue new customer opportunities, and to develop and evaluate new products/offerings. Opportunity Roadmaps take into account client-specific business goals and requirements – identifying those opportunities that are effectively aligned, and screening out those that are too far removed. They often consider many additional factors, including: target customers, competitor strategy, market dynamics, evolving technologies, shifting demographics, economic trends, and regulations.

Solution Collaboration and Engagement

Defining, developing, and delivering innovative solutions is at the core of everything we do. Working directly with both solution providers and enterprise customers, ironSAGE provides active collaboration support to ensure that proposed solutions strike the right balance between customer business requirements and provider enabling technology – and achieve the desired results. In most engagements, ironSAGE guides the structuring of proof-of-concepts, capability demonstrations, and pilot implementations. These are evaluated to ensure that the best possible solutions are acquired to the benefit of all parties. ironSAGE facilitates the crafting of engagement guidelines, development of intended deliverables, client project management, and adherence to data policy, confidential information and intellectual property protections.

Solution Impact Briefing

Based on client guidance and criteria, ironSAGE conducts an evaluation of a proposed solution and provides direct feedback on its cost/benefit and implementation feasibility. Impact Briefings aim to intelligently outline key use case assumptions, major requirements, and predicted solution benefits. The core cost-benefit analysis assesses both the immediate estimated impacts, and the projected expected long-term value. For solution providers, the briefing presents a compelling value proposition and budget justification. For enterprise customers, the briefing presents a concise feasibility assessment, use case validation, and detailed cost-benefit analysis.

Deal Terms Facilitation

Deal Terms Facilitation provides negotiation support for final offer and acceptance terms. Finalizing transaction terms can be complicated, particularly in cases of custom solution development. In some instances, discussions may call for an intermediate contract in order to further evaluate working prototypes or trial implementations. ironSAGE Deal Term Facilitation guides follow-on discussions in efforts to address stakeholder concerns, strengthen provider capability gaps, or meet defined procurement requirements.

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