ironSAGE Business Process Improvement (BPI) services incorporate a range of established techniques and frameworks to optimize an organization’s processes, reduce operational costs and improve business performance. Our services can be applied in any industry to improve both customer-facing processes and internal support functions such as HR, Finance and IT Service Management.


Overcoming Challenges & Risks

Establishing and maintaining effective business processes and practices are crucial to the performance and overall success of organizations. As operational efficiencies come under increasing scrutiny, both public and private organizations often jump to operational restructures and technology implementations without focusing on how the underlying business processes can be streamlined to best support strategy and operations. Business Process Improvement addresses these issues.


  • Inefficient or overly complex business processes.
  • Lack of clarity around overarching business strategies, priorities and goals.
  • Immaturity in “process thinking” and a reliance on best efforts for business operations.
  • Lack of process standardization, resulting in a proliferation of operational variations.
  • Implementing technology solutions without appropriately addressing people and process implications.


  • Operational inefficiencies, weak business outcomes and poor financial performance.
  • Lack of strategic alignment as business operations fail to support objectives and priorities.
  • Staff frustration, disengagement and lack of cohesion.
  • Stifled growth due to incompatible technologies and conflicting processes.
  • Poor workforce utilization and inability to share workload effectively, as staff follow inconsistent processes and procedures.
  • Poor or inconsistent customer experience and stakeholder interactions.


We understand that the quality of today’s work is the foundation for tomorrow’s future. Exceeding the expectations of our clients in every engagement requires us to build an exceptional team of people equipped with the right tools, methods and perspective.

ironSAGE BPI Service Offerings

Using our methodologies and frameworks as a reference we can quickly establish and tailor a suitable approach to meet the specific needs of your organization. Our BPI service offerings include:

Business review – Our consultants understand what makes an organization successful. We can assess the health of your business environment, focused on the maturity and alignment of your business strategy, high-level processes, services and underlying capabilities. We expose business inhibitors, issues and risks, and identify areas and options for improvement.

Needs Assessment and Requirements Definition – An important step in technology planning is business process analysis, aimed at reviewing current business processes, identifying challenges and issues therein, and outlining potential improvements. Using formal methods and the background of business processes analyzed, we gather user needs; define and develop functional and non-functional requirements; and recommend and incorporate technology-enabled better business practices. As part of this exercise, we also conduct an assessment of legacy IT systems, if any, to assess their fitment with respect to the desired business requirements, and recommend a retire-retain decision for those systems.

Business Process Improvement capability development – Our BPI experts assist our clients to build their own internal process improvement capabilities. With ever-increasing pressure to deliver continuous improvement, we can help you to establish the frameworks, skills, processes and tools to effectively manage ongoing BPI activities.

Process redesign & optimization – We offer a range of options to assess and improve your operational and support processes, from large-scale process redesign to fine-tuning, optimization and standardization. With a team of Lean and Six-Sigma qualified consultants, we have the skills and expertise to pin-point and measure inefficiencies, improve processes and quantify the benefits.

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