ironSAGE understands that implementing large scale programs demands attention and expertise in multiple domains. Bringing about success requires a combination of strong project leadership, analytics, communication and technical skills. Our ironSAGE program and project management consultants deliver by:

  • Ensuring the organization has a solid business case for change and confidence in project control.
  • Establishing the appropriate project and governance structure.
  • Developing a well-defined program architecture.
  • Aligning strategic stakeholders and business expectations.
  • Embedding integrated project planning.
  • Identifying risks and defining appropriate responses.
  • Tailoring and deploying client-specific project control processes, based on best practices.
  • Exercising and facilitating active change management practices.


Overcoming Challenges & Risks

Delivering complex change requires experienced Program and Project Management capabilities. ironSAGE provides the controls, support and methodologies that are vital to good strategic and tactical decision-making, helping our clients affect change and realize benefits.


  • Correctly estimating program and project complexity, clarifying requirements, identifying and articulating expected benefits.
  • Aligning stakeholder expectations, developing firm leadership, and generating sponsor commitment.
  • Establishing integrated program management office, planning and communication capabilities.
  • Obtaining appropriate resources and properly assigning resources across a portfolio of projects.
  • Establishing central control and defining meaningful success metrics and KPIs.
  • Managing people, progress, risks and issues, quality and budgets effectively.


  • Poorly managed complexity and the lack of an integrated approach jeopardize outcomes and all interdependencies.
  • Staff indifference and lack of buy-in, creating an environment in which project failure is expected.
  • Inadequate prioritization and control over a project portfolio, resulting in resource conflicts and deficiencies.
  • Failure to control and monitor performance and progress, increasing strategic and tactical risk.
  • A lack of progress and ultimately a failure to deliver benefits.


ironSAGE Program and Project Management Service Offerings

ironSAGE brings experience that complements and supports capability development within your PMO and project teams, together with an approach to program management and project delivery built upon five key strategic components. Our Program and Project Management service offerings include:

Initiation & current-state – We capture and document scope, approach and the overall plan for delivering desired business outcomes. We use a variety of techniques to develop a detailed understanding of the current situation, ensuring that change has a solid base and delivers on business expectations.

Strategy development – We challenge current thinking to develop a robust program and project management model, individually suited to unique client organizational challenges. Whether the challenge is to implement a business change management process, a new target operating model or a technology shift, the fit to your operational culture is critical.

Solution definition – We cover not only the definition of the change program to be undertaken, but also the structures (e.g. PMO) and processes to be used to manage delivery. ironSAGE consultants document a prioritized, performance-driven program implementation plan, based upon costing and business benefit realization.

Execution – We manage and oversee the processes, organizational and system changes detailed during solution development, through the provision of ironSAGE’s program and project management support.

Re-evaluating the environment – We ensure the planned and expected benefits are realized, and are capable of delivering continuous improvement and momentum long after ironSAGE has exited.

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