Demonstrating Performance-Enabling Technology

ironSAGE Technology Demonstration Suites (D-Suites) offer innovative solution providers the opportunity to connect directly with enterprise management executives within over 80 industry segments. Through coordinated demonstrations, potential customers gain an understanding of the benefits, business case and economic justification of new technology. For enterprise customers, D-Suites support the evaluation of new implementation-ready solutions, earlier and cheaper than would be possible through the formal acquisition review channels. For solution providers, D-Suites provide an opportunity to quickly connect with, and present to, key enterprise stakeholders that directly influence technology acquisition decisions.

Benefits to Solution Providers:

  • A Solution Overview that outlines the key use case for enterprise adoption of a proposed technology or solution
  • Direct insight and feedback from enterprise technical personnel and procurement advisers
  • Facilitated sales discussions and shorter enterprise sales cycles
Benefits to Enterprise Customers:

  • Evaluation of state-of-the-art solutions and emerging technology
  • Basis for validating key solution requirements, performance capabilities and estimated impact
  • Improved vendor selection justification and diversification
  • Potential acquisition of emerging and start-up technologies

Qualified Stakeholders: Senior management from both innovation-seeking organizations and technology-enabled solution providers.

Active Technology Demonstration Suites

Protected: Population Health Management #42
Protected: Retail eCommerce Omnichannel #40


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