New strategies are required for a new business model. Complying with the Affordable Care Act mandates is only one of the reasons health plans need to rethink, retool and realign. Reform has far-reaching effects, such as the decline of fee-for-service care and an upsurge in the government’s role as a payor. We’ll help you to identify the right technology-enabled solutions for managing risk, optimizing health plan models, predicting costs, and structuring new service offerings.

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Whether it’s defining new customer value propositions or developing new monetization strategies – ironSAGE is redefining the way organizations leverage innovation.
EMR Interoperability and MU3 Certification #80
Water Safety & Facility Risk Mgmt #78
Remote Patient Monitoring #76
Medication Adherence in Clinical Trials #74
Sepsis Risk Detection #70
Health Data Integration #68
mHealth Patient Engagement #62
Telehealth #67


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