The ironSAGE iConnect database is the only cross-industry solution for connecting major enterprise customers (buyers) with independently verified and validated solution providers (vendors).
For enterprise customers, accessing the iConnect database is the first step in a deliberate process to cultivate new solution provider relationships and identify qualified innovation partners that can shorten time-to-market, accelerate enterprise innovation, and achieve results.
For solution providers, ironSAGE provides facilitated customer introductions based on specific enterprise-defined capability searches and calls-for-innovation.
Our industry focused teams adeptly guide both major enterprises and solution providers through a well-defined discovery process – from helping to define key customer requirements, to screening vetted solution providers, to coordinating capability briefings and tailored demonstrations. Our hands-on and confidential approach means that you spend less time conducting random searches, and more time reviewing carefully vetted opportunities.

Selecting the Right Innovation Partners Improves Your Bottom Line

In today’s global marketplace, profits and productivity are largely dependent upon how well you innovate – and innovation is dependent upon choosing the right solution providers. Poor implementations result in high costs, failed outcomes, and missed market opportunities – when and where you can least afford it. But finding the best implementation partners and innovative solution providers is often a hit or miss proposition.

ironSAGE recognizes that identifying, validating, and pre-qualifying new solution providers can be a slow and costly process. Manual enterprise vendor registration processes, combined with little or no visibility into key selection criteria, often leave you unable to sort the wheat from the chaff. Moreover, meeting the governmental regulatory requirements around sourcing diversity suppliers can also be challenging.

Thousands of best-in-class enterprises have chosen not to leave their solution partner discovery to chance. Rather, they rely on valued partners like ironSAGE to independently assess solution provider capabilities, justify business use cases, verify past client satisfaction, and validate economic impact and ROI. Through the iConnect database, ironSAGE provides enterprise customers with a flexible, responsive solution for identifying qualified solution providers, with which to accelerate innovation, increase operational effectiveness, and deliver bottom-line results.

iConnect is free to enterprise organizations, including major corporations, federal & state agencies, and large nonprofits.

Key Benefits:

  • Reduce the cost of new solution provider discovery and vetting
  • Speed time-to-market through effective solution provider selection
  • Focus internal resources on solution provider strategy
  • Streamline potential and unanticipated solution provider verification
  • Develop and execute sophisticated new solution provider discovery campaigns
  • Effectively conform to government regulations regarding vendor diversity

“Companies that take the time to closely evaluate all aspects of solution provider complexity and its impact on enterprise costs, risks, outcomes, and innovation are on the right track to improving their ability to deliver desired results.” – Enterprise Company

Ready to get started?

Major Enterprise Customers and other buyers: Interested in accessing the iConnect Database? Please contact us to request an account. If you are already a client and need to give additional users access, please contact support for further instructions.

Connect With Opportunities

Including your company within the ironSAGE iConnect database allows thousands of enterprise customers to access your company’s independently verified qualifications – gaining an immediate understanding of the value and impact of your products and services. Major corporations use iConnect to conduct searches for diverse vendors and innovative solution providers. They subscribe to and depend on iConnect to help them identify the right partners to help them implement industry disruptive technology, transformational business solutions, and nextgen innovation programs.

The iConnect database is also supported by the National Supplier Diversity Group, an MBE supplier management organization that provides vendor diversity procurement solutions for Fortune 500 companies. Together, this partnership brings enterprise organizations and solution providers a winning combination of pre-verified solution provider credentials and capabilities, qualified customer budgets and priorities, and confidential introductions around specific opportunities.

Through iConnect, ironSAGE not only provides a means of being found by major corporations, it also allows ironSAGE to be proactive in efforts to identify new business opportunities that directly support capabilities of participating solution providers.

Key Benefits:

When you sign-up to be included within iConnect as a diverse or innovative solution provider, your company information becomes part of a resource that is accessed and searched daily by buyers at major corporations. Solution provider registration fees are nominal, and come with additional benefits such as:

  • Notifications by email whenever your company profile meets a customers’ search criteria
  • Facilitated introductions to customers whenever your company profile is matched to a sponsored call-for-innovation (CFI)
  • Option to set multiple company profiles, each optimized for a specific industry and/or solution offering
  • Option to commission a Verified Qualifications Report (VQR). VQRs accelerate sales by providing immediate, independent validation of your company offerings; and verification of past client satisfaction and business impact/ROI

“The real-time daily updates we receive from iConnect allow us to immediately reach out to prospective vendors. It gives us an edge in finding vetted, innovative solution providers that have the right technology and service offerings to take our operations to the next level.” – Solution Provider


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