Issue-specific. Purpose-focused.

Innovation Working Groups (IWGs) are invitation-only working groups that generally consist of 3-5 enterprise participants; each represents their own business priorities and budgets. Enterprise participants bring an inherent understanding of their respective organizational challenges and opportunities. As “member-driven” collaborations, IWGs support a confidential and collaborative environment for connecting innovative solution providers with major enterprises interested in exploring, validating and acquiring high-value solutions. ironSAGE’s expert facilitators guide participants in establishing requirements for enterprise pilots and the full-scale adoption of solutions aimed at solving defined technical, business, market or industry challenges.

Benefits to Solution Providers:

  • Solution Blueprint that describes the working group’s business and technical solution requirements
  • Supporting solution feasibility report and cost-benefit analysis
Benefits to Enterprise Customers:

  • Solution pilot implementation opportunities
  • Solution commercialization go-to-market plan
  • New market/customer opportunities


Qualified Stakeholders: Senior level management executives or their equivalent (i.e., CEOs, CIOs, CTOs, COOs, EVPs, VPs, Directors, etc.).

Active Innovation Working Groups

Brand Consumer Engagement #53
Clinical Data Aggregation Working Group #014
ACO Performance Management #013
mHealth Information Clearinghouse #012
Scientific Research Linked Open Data #002
HealthInfo Community Platform #004
Eliminating Health Disparities #001


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