3Q2014 Investment in the Renewable Energy Sector

Investment continues to flow into the renewable energy sector, with a strong and trending upward despite questions of uncertain subsidies and rapidly changing costs. Here are the quick stats:

  • Corporate investment in wind energy for the third quarter of this year totaled $2.4 billion, according to consulting firm Mercom Capital Group.
  • In the solar power field, the U.S. Department of Energy is investing $53 million in 40 research and development projects to lower the cost of solar energy.
  • In addtition, large-scale project funding added up to $3 billion and project acquisitions totaled $5.3 billion. And there were two energy IPOs in the third quarter, for $111 million.

Government and corporate investors are both placing big bets on renewable energy. The shared drivers are to accelerate technology development in key areas; and to bring innovative ideas to market more quickly.

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