Omnichannel is a Top Priority for Many Retailers

Retailers are using omnichannel to create a seamless shopping experience for consumers – and drive customer retention and revenue growth.

Seventy percent of retailers say they have adopted an omnichannel strategy to link shoppers’ in-store experiences with e-commerce, mobile and social media platforms. The strategy is meant to create a seamless shopping experience for the consumer. While 47 percent of retailers report an increase in brick-and-mortar sales, 67 percent report an increase in online sales.

Grid Dynamics is a leading provider of open, scalable, next-generation commerce technology solutions for Tier 1 retail. The company works with major retailers to seamless integrate the shopping experience across all channels and meet the needs of customers.

“When adopting an omnichannel strategy, cost and complexity of technology upgrades are the biggest challenges among retailers,” says Ron Garnett, executive director, ironSAGE Group. “What makes Grid Dynamics unique is its highly efficient and automated process for delivering continuous support of e-commerce, content personalization, and customer relationship and mobility applications across all channels.”

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