Every successful project needs independent analysis and assessment to determine true feasibility. To best serve both public and private sector clients, ironSAGE works hand in hand with ACOs, hospital systems, health care organizations, and government health agencies to examine technological and organizational initiatives and determine the best path for enhanced benefits realization and ROI. Utilizing our proprietary ironSAGE Solution Assessment Methodology, our team of consultants delivers the value, service and transparency necessary for optimized project results.
ironSAGE Health Technology Assessment and Consulting Services include:

  • Budget Analysis – An assessment of the project’s cash flow and resource allocation estimations.
  • Economic Modeling – A short- and long-term forecast of the project’s ability to create economic value for the organization and its stakeholders.
  • Financial Analysis – A comprehensive financial breakdown of the project’s anticipated funding and revenue generation opportunities (including rates of return, capital investments, payback periods, etc.) over the lifespan of the project.
  • Impact Analysis – A thorough study of the potential impacts and value of a project.
  • Market Research – Deep-dive research and analysis for specific industries and verticals relevant to the project and the proposed project plan.
  • Needs Assessment – A study of the true need for the project, the beneficiary or beneficiaries of the project and an evaluation of how the need will be addressed by the project (or if it might better be addressed by an alternative approach).
  • Technology Mapping – A detailed mapping of business objectives to a range of potential technology solutions.
  • Technology System Selection Services – A detailed RFP process which maps stakeholder requirements to vendor capabilities. It provides an independent assessment of the features, functionality and value that can be obtained from the system.

ironSAGE Health provides highly experienced consultants to help health organizations make the right choices, improve operations and advance both clinical and business objectives. For additional details on the full range of ironSAGE Business and Technology Consulting Services, click here.

Overcoming Challenges & Risks

ironSAGE’s proprietary, technology-agnostic methodology audits the entire, 360-degree lifecycle of a HealthIT project to provide the evaluations and analyses necessary for reporting performance outcomes. Our deep experience with IT and enterprise health implementations in both the public and private sector have given us a wealth of best practice knowledge against which to audit the initiative and provide the basis for any recommendations for improved process workflows, financial savings and patient health outcomes.


  • Articulating the problem, the objective of the project, the solution and its fit with organizational strategy.
  • Gathering and quantifying the expected costs and benefits, while defining and explaining assumptions.
  • Developing the plan for how solutions will be implemented, timing, people/resource requirements, and buy-in from necessary supporting groups.
  • Identifying and estimating likely changes in internal and external dynamics or other risk factors that could impact the solution outcome.
  • Projecting impacts and timing to financial statements, cash flow, budgets, headcount, etc.
  • Assessing the organizational and cultural risks to a planned project.
  • Evaluating impact of potential implementation and longer-term operational risk factors.
  • Packaging the assessment and the associated solution impact presentation to ensure clarity and comprehensiveness at the proper depth.

  • Without an independent assessment, the organization won’t understand why they aren’t realizing expected benefits.
  • Failure to take control of a struggling project and make the necessary changes to get it back on track.
  • Inability to understand the differences between the expected levels of performance and outcomes – and what has been actually realized by the organization.
  • No clear actionable steps to close the gaps between expected and actual performance.
  • Failure to take steps to mitigate organizational and cultural resistance to change.
  • Lack of quality audits means mistakes and defects are not addressed early-on in the project – resulting in poor overall quality and cost overruns.


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