It is estimated that more than 600 ACOs exist nationwide. Providers are now taking responsibility for the health of defined populations, team-based coordination of care, and the achievement of service delivery quality and cost benchmarks. The Integrated Population Health Management Evaluation Framework will help health care organizations to effectively measure performance impact across a range of key capabilities.


A New Tool for Evaluating Population Health Management

Healthcare reimbursement is changing, and hospitals, healthcare systems and physician groups must adapt to a new world in which providers are rewarded for meeting quality objectives for their entire patient panel – not just those actively seeking healthcare. The emphasis is clearly shifting from volume to value, and organizations that focus on providing patient-centered, quality healthcare across a population will come out ahead. The Integrated Population Health Management (PHM) Framework will help health care organizations to evaluate performance across a range of management, service delivery, operational and functional capabilities.

Integrated Population Health Management Evaluation Framework

Integrated Population Health Management Evaluation Framework

“Population health management is fast becoming a required core competency for ACOs and other provider organizations in a post-fee service payment environment,” said Ron Garnett, executive director, ironSAGE. “One of the things we’ve seen over the past year or two is a growing frustration among providers over the fragmented and disjointed approach to implementing health IT, care coordination, and performance management.”


Understand the Capabilities Needed to Better Manage Population Health

The goal of population health management is to optimize the coordination of care so patients receive the right care, provided by the right providers, in the right setting, at the right time. To accomplish this, ACOs must identify patient needs with respect to a wide range of factors influencing their health; allowing care teams to craft care plans with patients that truly reflect their needs and address the most critical drivers of patient health. The Integrated PHM Framework guides providers in understanding the capabilities needed to better manage the health of a population.

A Framework for Driving Performance Outcomes

A Framework for Driving Performance Outcomes

“ACOs as a model to deliver high-quality, cost-effective care and improve population health management has increased significantly over the last few years,” said Jed Batchelder, practice leader, ironSAGE Health. “As ACOs seek to balance cost control with efforts to improve outcomes and enhance patient satisfaction, they will need to have a truly integrated framework to effectively identify key priorities and evaluate ongoing performance.”

ironSAGE developed the Integrated Population Health Management (PHM) Evaluation Framework to address the growing confusion among ACOs, hospitals, healthcare systems and physician groups regarding how to apply existing health IT and PHM models in a value-based health care delivery system. Rather than create yet another health IT framework, we deliberately integrated the focus areas of existing reference frameworks with which many ACOs and health care organizations are already familiar. The resulting integrated framework helps health care organizations to effectively evaluate 123 functional capabilities across 27 operational focus areas. To learn more, register for one of our upcoming webinars.

Upcoming Webinar Schedule and Registration

Register Now!

Register Now!

ironSAGE is conducting a series of webinars aimed at introducing the Integrated PHM Evaluation Framework. To view the schedule online or to register, visit Webinar Schedule and Registration.

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