Although every health care organization (and project) differs in its goals, needs and scope, ironSAGE starts each engagement by comprehensively cataloging both internal and external factors (including organizational leadership, resource availability, existing infrastructure, population demands, government regulations and the like) that will have an effect on the project’s impact and long-term viability.


The value of any project is then determined and documented through the ironSAGE Solution Assessment Methodology, which incorporates both a technical and economic lens. The Technical Analysis takes into account the organization’s “current state” (i.e., existing resource requirements, vendor capabilities, system dependencies, and infrastructure) and the availability/sustainability of new technology implementations. The Economic Analysis examines the long-term economic impact and financial requirements (including both tangible and intangible elements).

Independent Assessments

ironSAGE’s vendor and technology agnosticism is not just a marketing slogan; it is a fundamental principle of our approach. We do not have financial ties to any technology company – a differentiator that enables us to seek the unfiltered truth in any type of assessment we provide.

Our Independent Assessments typically focus on one of four types of initiatives: project recovery, gap fit analyses, quality assurance and/or HealthIT audit.

Project Recovery – Following HealthIT implementation, many organizations realize that they failed to achieve the benefits they anticipated when the project began. ironSAGE conducts due diligence to discover what went wrong, determine the next steps needed to make it right, and manages the project recovery initiative to drive quantifiable improvements.

Gap Fit Analysis – After an organization has implemented an enterprise solution, it often discovers operational issues that have a negative effect on benefits realization, system usage and overall performance. In a project of this type, ironSAGE experts conduct a Gap Fit Analysis in which organizational processes and HealthIT system functions are documented, evaluated and compared to identify what was correctly implemented and what gaps still exist.

Quality Assurance/HealthIT Audit – Throughout the implementation of a HealthIT system, organizations engage with ironSAGE to provide expert monitoring and quality assurance. We provide a practical and systematic means for assuring an organization that the defined practices, methods, standards and procedures of the project are correctly applied.

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