1-on-1 Confidential Collaborations

Solution Labs are confidential collaborations that bring end-customers (e.g., F500 corporations, middle-market companies and government agencies) and innovative solution providers together within a facilitated environment. By identifying key business and operational needs of specific organizations, we are able to guide end-customers and innovative solution providers in joint efforts to define, develop and deliver highly-valued solutions. For our 182 enterprise customers, Solution Labs facilitate rapid pilot/beta demonstrations and fast-track the procurement process. For innovative solution providers, Solution Labs accelerate the business development process, from market vision – to solution demonstration – to customer acquisition.

Benefits to Solution Providers:

  • Customer needs assessments outlining new business opportunities
  • Increased opportunities for customer-driven solution development
  • The active recruitment of major enterprise organizations based on clear criteria and qualified need
  • Close collaboration on innovative solutions that meet the key business and operational challenges of target organizations
  • The development of a demonstrable solution pilot, beta or prototype for making the use case and financial justification
  • Negotiated terms for the acquisition of developed product/service
Benefits to Enterprise Customers:

  • Reduced cost of developing, testing and acquiring solutions
  • Incorporation of customers/vendors early in the development process
  • The recruitment of solution providers with the industry experience, know-how and technical disciplines to deliver desirable solutions
  • Close collaboration with solution providers to ensure that proposed solutions are focused on the right needs and requirements
  • Demonstrable pilot, beta or prototype for evaluating proposed solutions to ensure the best solutions are acquired
  • A cost-benefit analysis of the expected long-term value and impact


Qualified Stakeholders: Senior management from both innovation-seeking organizations and technology-enabled solution providers.

Active Solution Labs


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