Innovation is imperative for growth. Increasingly, corporate and government organizations are investing significant amounts of effort to boost their capacity for innovation.

A Catalyst, Enabler and Valued Partner

ironSAGE helps enterprise executives harness innovation to stay ahead of rapidly evolving markets. Our role is that of catalyst, enabler and valued partner – aimed at connecting major commercial, nonprofit and government enterprises with innovative solution providers. We create enterprise value by facilitating technology-enabled solutions and services that deliver results and improve outcomes.

If you’re an enterprise executive, ironSAGE will help you make sense of the vast amount of technologies, cloud-based solutions, data management platforms, digital business models, and trending buzzwords. Our team is comprised of technology specialists with expertise across a wide spectrum of industries to help you objectively identify and validate emerging solution providers and their offerings. Our goal is to help you acquire mission critical capabilities by vetting innovative technologies, assessing your specific needs, matching your use requirements to optimal solutions, and supporting the sourcing of those solutions with independent cost-benefit analyses.

Strategic Innovation Sourcing and Technology Acquisition Support

ironSAGE understands that the needs of your enterprise organization are specific and unique. To this end, our practice area directors, advisors and analysts will work with you to understand your needs and determine where enabling technology and transformational innovation make a difference. Our strategic enterprise solution sourcing services include requirements-based supplier identification and rationalization, business use case development, pilot and proof-of-concept management, cost-benefit analysis, and contract management.

Technology Scanning – We search our global PartnerNetwork for technologies and expertise. This includes scanning emerging technology; collaborating with technology funders, accelerators and incubators; connecting with federal labs and university technology and licensing offices; and building technology partnerships across a diverse range of industries.

Technology Assessment – Our experienced and industry-savvy team assess enterprise business case needs, recommending how to leverage enabling technologies or expertise to boost operational efficiencies, optimize business processes and cost structures, and improve outcomes.

Technology Matching – Our global technology PartnerNetwork facilitates matching of enterprise use case requirements to enabling technologies by creating opportunities to attract and evaluate the best innovative solution providers. We evaluate the most appropriate solution acquisition business model, including SaaS subscription, application licensing, shared-risk partnering, and project-based engagement.

Technology Sourcing – Once we have identified the ideal solution to your technology needs, we facilitate the development of the solution business case and economic budget justification. When requested, we also oversee pilot implementation, proof-of-concept development and cost-benefit analysis.


ironSAGE PartnerNetwork – Discover. Connect. Collaborate.

ironSAGE provides on-demand resources to support your strategic enterprise sourcing initiatives. Our confidential collaborations and invitation-only events provide invaluable insight and guidance – enabling you to jumpstart the process of improving and enhancing your enterprise innovation capabilities.

ironSAGE confidential and invitation-only collaboration include:

CxO Briefings – Technology providers present independently vetted solutions aligned with enterprise defined use cases and applications. Learn More

Technology Demonstration Suites – Innovative solution providers present – and major enterprises seek – technologies, solutions or external partnerships. Learn More

Solution Labs – Expert facilitated and confidential co-development collaboration between enterprises seeking nextgen capabilities and innovative solution providers. Learn More

Whether it is developing a technology roadmap, identifying use case requirements, evaluating specific solutions or developing the economic justification – ironSAGE is your trusted advisor.

Your Technology Partner for Innovation and Business Transformation

Using a vendor-neutral approach, ironSAGE assists enterprises in matching enabling technology and solution provider capabilities to their use case, technical and budget requirements. Beyond determining the most appropriate technology, we also quantify the ROI and/or performance outcomes that one might reasonably expect to obtain. This includes an implementation blueprint that outlines the people, technology, investment and strategy necessary to ensure the maximum potential return.

Our strategic sourcing solutions can support enterprises of all sizes, including the small to mid-market, Fortune 500 and government. We assess the readiness and fit for use of the technology in meeting the enterprises’ requirement. Our confidential sourcing process is secure and responsive to your business needs – providing ready access to quality, cost-effective and scalable performance enabling-technologies. ironSAGE also has the capability to link enterprises to available public funding sources and pilot resources to reduce the barriers in adopting technology.


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